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Computershare Shareowner Services LLC
480 Washington Boulevard
Domestic Shareowners: 877-219-7020
TDD for Hearing Impaired Domestic Shareowners: 800-231-5469
Foreign Shareowners: 201-680-6578
TDD for Hearing Impaired Foreign Shareowners: 201-680-6610
A transfer agent and registrar for a publicly held company keeps records of every outstanding stock certificate and the name of the person to whom it is registered. When stock changes hands, the transfer agent transfers the ownership of the stock from the seller's name to the buyer's name. The registrar reconciles all transfer records and makes sure that the number of shares debited is equal to the number of shares credited. The Company's transfer agent is Computershare Shareowner Services LLC.

The transfer agent does not maintain records of shares bought and sold through brokerage accounts. Those records are maintained by the specific brokerages through which the shares are bought and sold.
BLDR went public on June 22, 2005, at a price of $16.00 per share.
BLDR does not pay a dividend on stock, and does not foresee doing so in the immediate future. Accordingly, BLDR does not offer a DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Program).